WESTMINSTER, COLO. — Premium beef supplier Niman Ranch has rolled out a new program for USDA-graded grass-fed and -finished beef.

What sets the line of beef apart is the combination of great texture and flavor, plus the added environmental and health benefits from being grass-fed, according to the company.

“The vast majority of grass-fed beef on the market is lean, lacks marbling and has an off or mineral taste,” said John Tarpoff II, vice president of beef at Niman Ranch. “Our new program finally delivers grass-fed beef — born and raised right here in the US — that even the most discerning steakhouse chefs would be proud to serve.”

According to Niman Ranch, demand for grass-fed beef has been up by 15% since 2019. To keep up with demand, quality has not been the top priority for suppliers. About 80% of the grass-fed beef sold in the United States is imported from outside sources.

“The focus in the grass-fed industry has been to simply meet this strong demand, not on the meat’s quality,” Tarpoff said. “Niman Ranch is upping the game by offering the finest-quality grass-fed beef.”

To back up its claims, Niman Ranch has opted to be one of the few grass-fed programs graded by the USDA. The grass-fed beef program has made the grade due to nutritious grass blends, humane handling and Angus genetics, according to the company.

Niman Ranch’s grass-fed beef has also received Certified Humane status from a third-party source approved by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).