LOS ANGELES ⁠— Kiwifruit supplier Zespri has partnered with Stockholm-based Bower, a recycling startup, to incentivize United States consumers to recycle more.

This is in response to a Reuters report that said recycling rates in the United States dropped down to 5% in 2021.

Through the Bower app, Zespri customers are now able to log their recycling and receive $1.50 for each recycled Zespri package.

The Bower app is user-friendly with a built-in barcode scanner for the Zespri products and the option for consumers to either find registered Bower recycling locations or manually add their own.

The money earned from recycling can be deposited directly into the customer’s bank account from the app, but there is also an option for the customer to donate the money to charity.

“Through this partnership, Zespri is setting a precedent for how companies should consider their environmental impact,” said Suwar Mert, Bower’s CEO. “Consumers increasingly want to see brands focusing on the afterlife of their packaging, and Zespri is doing exactly that. People all over the US will now be able to make money while recycling, and it’s this kind of ecological incentivization that will allow the everyday shopper to help save the planet.”

Consumers can also use the Bower app to log Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson and P&G recycled packages and earn points that build up to money or coupon rewards. The app is free to download anywhere in the United States.