Los Angeles-based World Variety Produce, which ships under the Melissa’s label, plans to supplement its top-selling year-round melon, the Dominican Republic-sourced Charentais, with several other melons that are more season-specific, said Robert Schueller, the company’s director of media relations.

Yellow Watermelons from Mexico and the US will likely ship from May through October, with peak volumes in July, August and September, Schueller said.

Other summer melons shipping from Melissa’s this year include a wide variety of US products, among them Canary, Casaba, Orange Flesh Honeydew, Mini Watermelon, Orange Watermelon and Galias.

When it comes to tropicals, dragon fruit has taken a dominant role roll as Melissa’s most distributed tropical fruit, Schueller said. 

Pink Pineapple, meanwhile, is one of the newest fruits shipping in the US through Melissa’s, with most supplies being distributed to retailers in just the last six months.

Other tropicals on tap for Melissa’s this summer include:

  • Passion Fruit – New Zealand, US
  • Mangoes – Mexico, US
  • Papaya (red Caribbean, strawberry, Hawaiian) — Mexico, Brazil, US
  • Jackfruit – Mexico
  • Pepino Melon – Ecuador
  • Pink Pineapple – Costa Rica
  • Rambutan – Guatemala, Vietnam
  • Coconut (young, quick crack) – Thailand and Mexico
  • Plantains - Ecuador
  • Goldenberries – Columbia
  • Lychee – Mexico
  • Mangosteen – Mexico, Thailand
  • Cherimoya – Chile