NEW YORK — Brooklyn Cured will show off five new charcuterie and Gilbert & Bernard Pâté products at the IDDBA and Summer Fancy Food shows in June.

The new products include:

  • Tuscan Red Wine Beef Salami, Presliced – All-Beef Salami with red wine, garlic, and herbs
  • Spicy Bresaola with Calabrian Chili, Presliced Brooklyn Cured Salami Chubs
  • Black Truffle Salami Chub - Pork salami with fresh Italian black truffles; complements Award-Winning Cocktail-Inspired Chubs Gilbert & Bernard Pâté
  • Bistro-Style Mousse with Cognac - Inspired by Parisian bistro food; Pork-Free mousse with of cognac and warm spices
  • White Truffle Mousse - Pork-Free mousse with nutty white truffles; pairs well with Champagne.

The new items are available to ship to stores in July, giving retailers time to add them to their holiday sets.

 “When we create new items, we want to set them apart from what’s widely available, but also get ahead of the curve with flavors and attributes that resonate with consumers,” said Brooklyn Cured’s founder, Scott Bridi.