BROOKLYN, NY – Brooklyn Cured’s newest salami line is modeled after cocktails and designed to be a great gifting or party option for the holiday season.  

The five flavors in the new lineup include: 

  • Pork Salami with Bourbon and Sour Cherries: inspired by a Manhattan cocktail 

  • Pork Salami with Belgian Ale and Lemon Zest: inspired by European beer gardens 

  • Pork Salami with Rye Whiskey and Orange: inspired by an Old Fashioned cocktail 

  • Pork Salami with Mezcal and Lime: inspired by cocktails with the smoky spirit  

  • Lamb Salami with Za’atar: inspired by Mediterranean food 

To support the new products, the company is also offering merchandising tools including branded display crates and product information cards. For display flexibility, crates are branded on all four sides and can be oriented facing the long side (12.25 inches) or the short side (7 inches). The information cards include photos, descriptions, and recommended pairings for each salami. PDF files to print or hard copies of cards are available to retailers. 

“We want to educate customers about these unique salami flavors and get them excited to try them,” said Scott Bridi, Brooklyn Cured’s founder. “Our salami information cards suggest pairings with cheese and condiments that help drive sales of additional items in the specialty deli department.” 

The new salami line is shelf-stable, packaged in vacuum-sealed packaging and hand-wrapped in butcher paper with an SRP of $7.99-$9.99.