With labor at a premium in many delis, finding ways to save time is important. So is saving money. Hobart continuous-feed food processors can help with both. They make quick work of processing fruits, vegetables, hard cheeses and nuts for in-store salad bars or grab-and-go meals. 

Now, with the addition of a new cutting, two popular Hobart continuous-feed food processors can also slice chicken — and the tool can provide a more shredded texture by running the chicken through the food processors a second time. The 5/32-inch chicken cutting tool is available for the Hobart FP250 and FP350 machines, offering the advantage of both time and cost savings. 

For example, using the chicken cutting tool with the FP250 continuous-feed food processor is over 22 times faster than shredding by hand. It’s capable of slicing 35 chicken breasts in 2 minutes compared to an average time of 44 minutes to shred by hand, providing a time savings of 42 minutes. At an employee wage of $15.00 per hour that adds up to a cost savings of $10.50 per day or $3,832.00 in a full 365-day calendar year. The time and cost savings increases the more chicken breasts that are processed in the machine.

Looking at the cost per chicken shows 95% improved efficiency by slicing with the FP250 continuous-feed food processor compared to by hand. Consider the rate of hand shredding of 44 chicken breast per hour (22 chickens). The FP250 with the chicken cutting tool can process 1019 chicken breasts (545 chicken) in that same time. Using the labor cost of $15.00 again, the price per chicken being processed manually is $0.68 compared to using the FP250, which lowers the cost per chicken to $0.03. 

In addition to time and cost savings, using this cutting tool with the Hobart continuous-feed food processors offers the benefit of improved sanitation. Employees can complete the process faster so the chicken sits at room temperature for less time. The machines also provide consistent cuts and the process is less labor intensive, which is better for employee morale. It also frees up time for employees to take on other tasks in the deli. 

The chicken cutting tool is ideal for processing chicken for chicken salad or for slicing it as a topping for in-store salad bars. 

About the FP250 and FP350

The two largest in the Hobart countertop continuous-feed food processor offering, the FP250 and FP350 both feature a large, full-size feed hopper that makes it easy to load products, whether it’s chicken, cabbage, potatoes, apples or more. In addition to the chicken cutting tool, they are available with blades for slicing, crimp slicing, dicing and shredding. Hobart also offers a soft slicer blade for slicing tomatoes and other soft produce, a julienne cutter for carrots and cucumbers and a grater for hard cheeses and nuts. The FP250 will soon be available with a special French fry blade. 

The FP250 has a front angle of 50 degrees to make it easy to load product and reduce operator fatigue; the FP350 has a 45-degree front angle. Both include a decoring screw that deflects product away from the plate hub, ensuring complete processing, and have an all-aluminum housing and removable hopper for easy cleanup. All cutting tools are stainless steel and are dishwasher safe to further simplify cleaning. 

To provide operator assurance, both continuous-feed food processors have a double interlock switch that prevents them from operating when the pusher plate swings away or is open. They also include a no volt release that automatically prevents the food processors from turning back on if power is lost. 

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