TROY, OHIO — Food equipment manufacturer Hobart has launched the FP300i floor model, an expansion of its continuous-feed food processor line.

Equipped with a base, stacking feed cylinder and manual pusher plate, the machine can process 88 pounds of product per minute.

According to Hobart, less manual labor is required to operate the FP300i as food does not need to be manually pre-cut to be processed and dense foods like root vegetables do not need any force as they are processed.

The proportions of the equipment are also designed to make it less fatiguing process to load.

Along with the PF300i, Hobart is offering optional add-ons of a bulk feed hopper and cylinder set ideal for round foods like onions, or a four-tube feeder for longer foods like cucumbers and carrots.

The processor’s plate speed is 500 revolutions per minute, which is the best speed to process without bruising the product, according to the company.

“Available cutting tools allow operators to slice, dice, shred, grate, crimp, julienne and more, and the unit includes an exclusive decoring screw that deflects product from the plate hub to ensure complete processing,” the company said.

The equipment is made from stainless steel, and the removable parts are all dishwasher safe.

For safety, there is a double interlock switch that will prevent the machine from running when the pusher plate is not in place. If power is lost, the machine will not turn on due to its no-volt release.

For more information, visit Hobart’s food processor web page.