The St Pierre brand has been growing steadily, in a category it is leading as America’s number one brioche brand. Brioche, as a category, is up 16 per cent in value and 10% in volume in the last year. As a subsector of bakery, it’s now worth more than $660mn to the sector, and as we approach grilling season, growth in its popularity with US shoppers will maintain momentum. 

Furthermore, it is branded goods leading the growth in the brioche category; brands are delivering $376mn to retail versus $289mn coming from private label.(1) Clearly, consumers are looking for quality products from brands they believe in and that’s part of the reason the St Pierre brand continues to grow, leading the charge with a 72% share of branded brioche in in-store bakery.

Shoppers are demonstrating desire for trusted, high-quality brands and whilst retailers are reviewing private label programs to inject brand personality and drive sales, it is authentic brands like St Pierre that are best-placed to help retailers meet that demand.

St Pierre offers authentic brioche products, in the form of American bakery staples - which means for consumers looking for ways to treat themselves well at home, it offers an easy way to elevate every meal. 

Pretzel Mushroom Truffle Pepper_02.jpgSource: St Pierre Bakery

The trend for premiumisation shows no sign of slowing – that’s part of the reason for the growth of the St Pierre brand. Premiumisation is driving product development in the sector, too. Last year, St Pierre launched Brioche Pretzel Rolls – taking its delicate sweet brioche and adding the saltiness associated with pretzels. The mix of flavors elevates any sandwich and it’s another example of the St Pierre brand embracing growing sub-sectors and offering a ‘brioche’ alternative.

St Pierre 12 Brioche Slider Buns (US).pngSource: St Pierre Bakery

Its most popular products are those that consumers immediately understand how to use, and the brand works hard to communicate the versatility of its core range year-round. What’s more, St Pierre offers innovative merchandising solutions which aid sales in a number of different ways. The first is to act as a trip trigger into the in-store bakery – where consumers head for inspiration. It is here that retailers can drive value and volume across categories, encouraging trade-up. Shoppers in the ISB and deli come with a different mission – actively looking for opportunities to improve the usual menu.

St Pierre’s Eiffel Towers have been proven to increase sales, providing in-store theatre and a customer experience that starts in-store and continues at home and new formats including racks, table toppers and knee knockers allow retailers to take these principles to other parts of the store – including outside bakery and deli.

Grilling season offers a perfect opportunity for retailers to cross-merchandise and increase basket spend in other key areas such as meats and cheeses – particularly in the deli and ISB. As the cost of living continues to rise, US shoppers are savvy with their spends and the perception of ‘value’ is key. Increasingly discerning shoppers will spend a little extra on products guaranteed to provide a better-quality product because the ‘little extra’ in a low value category is an affordable luxury. However, a shopper who upgrades to St Pierre is also more likely to upgrade in other accompanying sectors and by cross-merchandising premium quality products, retailers can drive increased basket spend and ultimately sales.

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(1) Category data - $ sales, XAOC Nielsen w/e 12/30/23

*All stats are Nielsen xAOC to 30th December 2023 

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St Pierre will be returning to IDDBA in Houston, Texas, 9-11 June 2024. Enjoy a taste of Paris at the renowned St Pierre café and meet the team at Booth 1815.

Waffles on the up

Sweet and Savoury Waffles.jpgSource: St Pierre Bakery

St Pierre’s Brioche Waffles are now America’s number one ambient waffle and the brand’s 4th best-selling product. The waffle category is growing in value, but like many subsectors of bakery, is in unit decline. St Pierre’s Brioche Waffles with Butter, however, are delivering both value and volume growth. 

Available in a six-pack, the waffles are individually-wrapped for convenience, making them perfect for snacking on-the-go or cooking up an indulgent breakfast or afternoon treat. 

As part of National Brioche Day on May 14th, St Pierre has teamed up with Oddfellows Ice Cream to create a limited-edition Coffee and Waffles ice-cream. The collaboration sees the two brands expertly pairing St Pierre’s traditionally-made waffles with Oddfellows’ own carefully crafted coffee ice cream to transport diners to Paris with a scoop of indulgence. The French ice cream will be made available across all of Oddfellow’s locations and supported with regional activations, in-store promotions, social media and PR activity. 

Grilling season must-haves

The St Pierre brand has been growing steadily, and, as a category, brioche is up 16 per cent in the last year. As we approach grilling season, growth in its popularity with US shoppers will maintain momentum. 

St Pierre offers authentic brioche products, in the form of American bakery staples - which means for consumers who are continuing to look for ways to treat themselves well at home, there’s an easy way to elevate a BBQ. 

  • St Pierre has 2 of the top 5 brioche burger bun products in the market 
  • St Pierre’s Seeded Brioche Burge Buns is the fastest growing in the category in the last year
  • It’s grilling range is in both Value and Volume growth
SO94D4~1.JPGSource: St Pierre Bakery