Danish Creamery, a 129-year-old heritage brand, is turning to modern internet chefs to showcase how extra-churned, slow-churned butter can transform any dish. In coordination with creator age media company, Made In Network, the brand is partnering with renowned foodie-favorite creators Matty Matheson, Carla Lalli Music, Senyai Grubs, Senpai Kai and Babish Culinary Universe to create special content that features recipes using Danish Creamery as their secret ingredient. 

“High-quality butter makes all the difference,” says Kai Stowell, better known as the content creator Senpai Kai. “A big focus in my content is showing people how to enhance their meals at home, and incorporating a high-quality ingredient like Danish Creamery Butter is a super easy way for home cooks to elevate their dishes.”

From cinnamon rolls and brown butter pasta to 243-layer butter toast, each piece of cooking content takes advantage of Danish Creamery European Style butters, which contain 85 percent butterfat content – a higher percentage than most European Style butters. The extra butterfat results in a creamy, luxurious butter so chefs and home cooks alike can produce flakier crusts, fluffier cakes and richer sauces.

“On YouTube, food fans are hungry for authentic, entertaining content that introduces them to new products they want to incorporate into their repertoire,” says Ryan Mack, chief commercial officer, Made In Network. “This partnership with Danish Creamery does exactly that, delivering a ton of engaging new content that we think is going to get viewers excited about extra rich butter.”

Each of these videos will run on the creators’ popular YouTube channels, and syndicated across social media, bringing the flavor and excitement of the Danish Creamery brand to millions of fans.

“These creators have shown a true spark for our European-style butter and the versatility that high butterfat offers. It will be so fun to see how our consumers’ react to the content, especially once they taste the difference themselves,” says Priya Kumar, vice president of marketing at Danish Creamery.

Danish Creamery butter is available in eight European-style varieties: salted and unsalted, spreadable butters with extra virgin oils and three flavored specialty salt sticks.