REDMOND, WASH. – Dynamic Systems Inc., a leading provider of meat and poultry traceability systems, recently launched SIMBA (Specialized Inventory Management with Barcode Accuracy), a new application that uses barcodes to receive, store and ship inventory and upload the information to any accounting for ERP system.

SIMBA increases productivity speed and traceability by counting inventory and printing a discrepancy report.

“What this provides is speed and accuracy of using barcode software without the high cost of implementing a full warehouse system,” according to Dynamic Systems. “It is easy to use, provides accurate information and can be expanded to a full traceability and production system.”

Advanced SIMBA Mobile is designed for companies that can upload inventory totals, receipts, and shipping information into their ERP and accounting systems. SIMBA also utilizes a tracking system for packers that sits on the plant floor and tracks products from receiving through shipping, according to Dynamic Systems.

The company said the SIMBA Mobile Application produces key results such as increased productivity; the ability to get real-time, accurate inventory reports; ability to fulfill traceability requirements; and professional looking labels.