TAMPA, FLA. — Pretty Lady Vineyards showcased its newest variety of seedless green California table grapes, Applause, at the Southeast Produce Council (SEPC)’s Southern Exposure March 9.

“We are looking forward to another ‘grape’ year of Pretty Lady Grapes and are very excited to introduce a brand new green grape variety called Applause, which we will be launching this year,” said Nick Dulcich, Pretty Lady Vineyards’ co-owner and president.

Pretty Lady Vineyards said the company will also offer organic grapes in addition to its conventional grapes July-December this year.

“From July through December, customers’ expectations are exceeded with our grapes’ size, flavor, and quality,” the company said. “We offer many packaging options to fulfill any needs, including our tamper-evident Top Seal packaging in various weights. Available in Pretty Lady, Harvest Hobgoblin and more!”

For grape sales inquiries, you can contact Dulcich directly at [email protected].