VALENCIA, CALIF. — For the holiday season, Sunkist Growers is offering 10-pound cartons of navel oranges for gifting, decorating, cooking and more.

“There is a sense of nostalgia during the holidays as shoppers reflect on the shared tradition of receiving oranges in their stockings growing up,” said Cassie Howard, senior director of category management and marketing at Sunkist. “Oranges during the holidays have been a special treat for centuries, and we’re excited to keep citrus-themed traditions alive with our 10-pound navel carton program.”  

The cartons are available in ribbon crates and gift boxes, Sunkist said, and they are stackable for retailers to make attention-grabbing displays for impulse buys in the produce aisles.

“According to a recent Sunkist-commissioned study, 45% of consumers have gifted or received citrus from loved ones during the holiday season,” Howard said. “While over half of consumers know that navel oranges are a traditional stocking stuffer, when speaking with consumers about their need for citrus this season, almost 70% reflected that recipe inspiration would increase citrus integration into holiday meals.”

Sunkist shared these 10 uses for navel oranges for the holiday season:

  1. Be the host with the freshest and festive season’s dippings with Cranberry, Orange, Walnut, and goat Cheese dip.
  2. Smell the season with Potpourri Simmer Pot, the holiday scent worth a thousand decorations.
  3. Bring the wow factor to your holiday party with Orange Croissant Bread Pudding.
  4. Cheers to citrus season with Mulled Orange Spice Apple Cider.
  5. Deck the halls with Dried Citrus by adding some aroma to any room in the house.
  6. Get your gathering off to a sweet start with Orange and onion Chutney, the sweet and salty combo your guests didn’t know they needed.
  7. Don’t let any of the fruit go to waste with Chocolate Dipped Candied Orange Peels, a sweet retreat where every last peel serves a purpose.
  8. Give your meal its main character moment, with Navel Orange Maple Roasted Turkey Breast, a citrus centerpiece sure to serve.
  9. Looking for a family fun DIY? All you need are navel oranges, ribbon, and cloves to have some spice that’s nice with Clove-Studded Orange Ornaments.
  10. And lastly, pass on the potential to that special someone by gifting the 10-pound carton in its entirety, a true a la cart from the heart.