SHELTON, CONN. — Inline Plastics has given a major update to all of its vented Safe-T-Chef products.

First launched in 2022, Safe-T-Chef was the first tamper evident, tamper resistant, all-clear polypropylene product line, Inline Plastics said.

The 360⁰ view of the contents has now been made even clearer to the consumer with an anti-fog feature.

For prepared foods sitting under lamps or in hot displays, Inline Plastics said venting is not enough to release all steam that builds up inside the package. The new anti-fog material for the Safe-T-Chef containers make it so that the steam does not prevent consumers from being able to see the product inside.

“Our customers repeatedly emphasize the importance of visibility, especially when displaying hot foods,” said Tom Orkisz, Chairman and CEO of Inline Plastics. “This is particularly relevant for an all-clear application like Safe-T-Chef that has clear lids as well as bases. By eliminating the unsightly fog, consumers can easily assess the freshness and condition of the food. Simply put, the contents inside are more appetizing and appealing when not hidden behind a foggy container.”

Inline said that better product visibility increases sales, which also reduces food waste. When fresh prepared foods are not visible, they are more likely to be wasted.

Inline also said the anti-fog feature makes it easier to sort and recycle the clear containers.