AUSTIN, MINN. — Hormel Foods Corp. announced progress toward the 20 By 30 Challenge — consisting of 20 qualitative and quantitative stewardship commitments to be achieved by 2030 — in its 17th annual Global Impact Report.

"As a global branded food company, we understand our responsibility and our ability to make a positive impact," said Jim Snee, chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer of Hormel. "Our Global Impact Report is a snapshot of Hormel Foods' unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability as a corporate citizen. This report reflects our dedication to sustainability, ethical business practices and our ongoing mission to nourish the world while caring for our planet."

Through the hard work of its 200,000 team members, Hormel reached over $12 billion in annual revenue across more than 80 countries in 2022. Hormel made advancements toward achieving its 20 goals related to reductions in packaging, nonrenewable energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste, among others.

Last year, Hormel matched 100% of domestic energy use with renewable sourcing. On an annual basis, the company has committed to reducing energy consumption and intensity by 1%.

Hormel also set a goal to reduce GHG emissions by 1% each year. The company added that it submitted its proposed SBTs to the SBTi for validation in July 2022.

In the report, Hormel highlighted its investment in a 50,000-acre pilot project in Minnesota designed to improve water stewardship, reduce carbon emissions and create agricultural resilience. The project is part of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) Eco-Harvest market program.

With a commitment to animal care, the company conducted over 2,800 audits in 2022 to ensure its animal handling standards were being met.

“As part of our dedication to implementing the best animal stewardship practices, we have developed industry-leading animal welfare standards in conjunction with livestock care experts, including renowned authorities on humane animal husbandry,” the report said. “The veterinarians and animal behavior experts we work with help us create a blueprint that ensures every animal is raised in a healthy environment and treated with care, respect and compassion throughout its life.”

Continuing in its efforts to support accessible education, Hormel provided 177 individuals the opportunity to have a tuition-free, two-year college education through the company’s Inspired Pathways program. The 2022-2023 academic year was the second year of Inspired Pathways, which is open to children of Hormel team members.

As Hormel pursues the fight against food insecurity, the company looks to donate an equivalent of 70 million meals through cash and product donations by 2030. This past year, Hormel reported contributions of $9.1 million to hunger-relief causes.