DURHAM, N.C. — Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions has launched a new technology, the ELERA Security Suite, to minimize shrink.

Citing data from the National Retail Federation, Toshiba said retail shrink accounted for $94.5 billion in losses in 2021 in the United States and continues to be a critical challenge for retailers.

“In a world where every second and every cent counts, ELERA Security Suite is not just a tool but a strategy—turning data into decisions and losses into profits,” said Yevgeni Tsirulnik, senior vice president of innovation and incubation at Toshiba. “As global leaders in retail solutions, our Toshiba team and partners came together to envision and develop the AI-powered ELERA Security Suite to enhance their loss prevention measures that have a direct and positive impact on retailer profits while also improving the shopper experience.”

According to Toshiba, the ELRA Security Suite allows retailers to do the following:

  • Monitor consumer behavior in real-time – without servers or processing lag – via TCx EDGEcam+ and multiple sensors, which adds enhanced security throughout the checkout area.
  • Respond to incidents as they occur for more impactful and timely resolutions with leading AI-powered computer vision.
  • Notify shoppers of potential errors through proactive alerts and allowing them to correct the issue themselves – minimizing employee intervention and improving the checkout experience.
  • Differentiate customers’ items vs. store items they’re purchasing, improving recognition accuracy, and reducing incorrect warnings.

Toshiba is exhibiting the new ELERA Security Suite at Groceryshop in Las Vegas Sep. 19-21 at booth #1050.