WENATCHEE, WASH. — Family-owned tree fruit grower Stemilt is launching new packaging and branding for its exclusive Kyle’s Pick cherries that are only available throughout July.

Stemilt’s biggest and best dark sweet cherries are named after Kyle Mathison, a fourth-generation cherry grower who grows many of the Kyle’s Pick cherries himself in the volcanic Stemilt Hill soil, the company said.

“Kyle is an icon in the cherry world with a passion for growing cherries that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before,” said Brianna Shales, Stemilt marketing director. “Kyle’s Pick is Stemilt’s way of sharing that same passion with retailers and consumers, now with a newly branded look to allude to the quality product inside. Its season is short and sweet, beginning and ending in July, and aligns with peak cherry season and the time to offer the best size, firmness, sugar and quality cherries that will create lasting memories in consumers.”

The new packaging highlights phrases like ‘season’s best,’ passionately grown’ and ‘dessert flavors’ to communicate to consumers that it is a specialty product.

Topseal-1lb-Kyles-Pick-Cherry-Bag-StemiltSource: Stemilt

“The newly branded Kyle’s Pick packaging will spread across all package types including pouch bags, top seal and clamshells,” Shales said. “We wanted to give Kyle’s Pick a new look to make him the center of the brand while enhancing the premium nature of the product inside. Kyle’s mission is to build memory and trust with consumers so they continue to come back for more. That’s the promise that Kyle’s Pick makes and delivers.”

The kick off the cherry season, the company shared a video of Kyle and his son Tate discussing the rebrand and how the Kyle’s Pick cherries can elevate a retailer’s cherry program.

“Stemilt takes the best of each day’s harvest to create sweet memories for shoppers, and a differentiation point for retailers to help cherry category performance,” Shales said. “We invite retailers to share the sweet flavors of Kyle’s Pick with consumers this summer with a new, premium package.”