Westminster, Colo.-based Niman Ranch is currently debuting its Iberian Duroc pork program at both retail and foodservice, said Alicia LaPorte, the company’s communications director.

“This is a very exciting program for us,” she said. “Combining industry-leading animal care protocols with exclusive genetics sourced from the Iberian Peninsula, it further elevates Niman Ranch’s highest quality offerings and boasts robust marbling, a rich rosy color and a truly exceptional eating experience.”

With this elevated, breed-specific product line, Niman Ranch is offering the very best eating experience for consumers with all the values and attributes eaters expect from Niman Ranch: antibiotic free, Certified Humane and raised by independent family farmers, LaPorte added.

So far, the reception has been great.

“Our specialty grocer partners are receiving great feedback from customers. We’re seeing great traction with our more ‘show stopper’ pork cuts.”

Those include the tomahawk pork chop, which is performing very well in retail as consumers look for exciting meals that don’t break the bank.

Consumers are being more budget focused and eating out less, but they still want delicious meals – that, Laporte said, is the sweet spot for Niman Ranch.

“We offer restaurant-quality meats for the discerning home cook. Pork is a great center of the plate protein choice for consumers, particularly as a more wallet friendly option instead of beef.”