Sunkist Growers has teamed with Instacart with a little help from the White House on a groundbreaking effort that will allow weighted fresh citrus and other produce items to be advertised on the Instacart platform.

The announcement was made at the White House in conjunction with the Biden Administration's  White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health to help end hunger and reduce diet-related diseases by 2030.

Sunkist is among a handful of fresh produce companies who will be part of the initial rollout.

"On Instacart, we have a seamless "add-to-cart" button to guide millions of people across the country towards our fresh Sunkist fruits, which are then delivered to their homes in as fast as an hour. We're proud to innovate alongside Instacart to serve up even more fresh and healthy options online,” said Christina Ward, senior director of global marketing at Sunkist. 

Instacart is the first company to enable this ad innovation for weighted items across grocery partners. Instacart developed algorithms to map these items back to brands and partners – addressing challenges like limited information from third-party sources and different coding systems across grocers. More brands can take advantage of advertising solutions.