Wisconsin Cheese has compiled this quick list of popular cheeses and their flavors. Trying out some of these cheeses can help calibrate your customers’ cheese tasting abilities.

1. Gouda

Gouda often has caramel and butterscotch notes that taste like cooked sugar and intensify with age.

2. Alpine-style cheese

Inspired by traditional cheeses from alps, Wisconsin cheese makers have adopted alpine-style and given it a unique dash of Wisconsin love. Alpine-style cheeses are famously nutty, with a flavor similar to toasted hazelnuts. You can also expect some grassy notes that taste like freshly cut grass.

3. Mozzarella

Recognized as the most popular cheese in America, mozzarella brings a milky and lactic smell, with flavors similar to cream or whole milk. All that milk means you’ll get a buttery mouthfeel (smooth and creamy, just like butter).

4. Parmesan

Made with a delicious complex flavor profile, parmesan is often sweet with flavors like caramel or toffee, and fruity like pineapple. Don’t be surprised if you swing between sweet and savory when tasting parmesan, buckle up and enjoy the smooth ride.

5. Limburger

Limburger has quite an assertive flavor; earthy with notes of fresh mushrooms. If you enjoy a strong cheese with a ton of character, limburger is for you. If limburgers aromatic smell intimidates you, don’t worry. This cheese’s bark is way worse than its bite—in fact you’ll be the one doing the biting.

6. Blue

Blue is known for its piquant and sometimes earthy flavors, ranging from mild to strong. Texture wise you can expect a rich and creamy mouthfeel that your taste buds will thank you for.