Producers and retailers will continue to pursue the online shopper in 2023, said Midan Marketing’s Michael Uetz.

“Over the past year, retailers across the board have reported that their customers are adding meat to their online shopping carts in record numbers.”

For instance, Midan’s 2022 Beef Attributes Research shows that 46% of meat consumers said they purchased meat online in the past month. Before the pandemic, that number was unheard of, Uetz said.

In a digital marketplace, meat must be presented differently than it is in a retail meat case or on a menu. 

“Websites provide more space to tell a brand’s story, and SEO plays an important role. Additionally, product photography may be a consumer’s only interaction with a meat product before buying.”

Despite the challenges, digital consumers offer meat companies a great potential for loyalty, he added. Past shopping behavior can be used as reminders to repurchase certain items and keep customers returning.