In 2022, Parsippany, N.J.-based Ohaus Corp. launched the latest version of its Defender series of scales.

One of the main improvements on the Defender 3000 is a very large display, said Carl Joslyn, the company’s marketing product manager, industrial.

That makes the scale easy to read from a distance, Joslyn said. In addition, the display can be programmed to turn bright green to let operators know that the product being weighed is within its weight limit.

“We’re focused on making scales that are easy to use and intuitive to the operator,” Joslyn said. “In a fast-paced work environment, we want to be able to give them quick, precise answers.”

Ohaus also has designed the Defender and other scales to be as error-proof as possible. It’s possible, for instance, to program scales so that if operators press a wrong key, it won’t change any settings or lead to other problems.

In addition, the weighing options can be locked in so that a scale will only weigh product in pounds, making it impossible for a user to hit a wrong button and accidentally change to kilograms.

Ohaus scales for use in retail applications, which also include the Valor 2000, 4000 and 7000 models, can be used in applications ranging from smaller batches of products in artisanal bakeries to 600 pounds of meat.

Ohaus equipment is also perfect for wet food environments including meat, seafood and poultry.

Ohaus scales at retail are often used for standalone applications, and the company’s battery-operated scales can be easily moved to different areas of the store, Joslyn said. They are also easy to clean, and many have NSF and can support HAACP food safety certification standards.”