Food equipment industry leader Hobart’s latest innovation is a pair of portion scale slicer that features an integrated precision scale.

The HS6-1PS manual slicer and the HS7-1PS automatic slicer offer precise slicing and instant weighing to increase efficiency and help retail and foodservice establishments serve customers faster, according to the company.

The new slicers eliminate the need for two pieces of equipment and save time since associates no longer need to walk between a slicer and a separate scale after slicing. They also take the guesswork out of weighing product, saving time to correct wrong estimates. Both models accurately weigh product up to 10 pounds in increments of 0.01 pounds or 0.1 ounces.

The HS6-1PS and the HS7-1PS slicers feature a customizable touch-screen interface with speed keys that allow users to save frequently used settings. The interface also alerts the operator of routine care and maintenance requirements, including blade sharpening, cleaning, sanitizing and lubricating slicer components. Users can default to the preset alert timing or customize it to fit their needs.

Ideal for preparing grab-and-go meats and cheeses in the retail space, and for foodservice applications, the
HS7-1PS slicer includes a SmartSlice™ function that allows the slicer to operate until it reaches an operator-selected product weight.

A Stack function also stops when the slicer reaches the desired product weight and will resume slicing to the same weight when the operator places dividing paper and selects the start button. This function can be used until the finished product weight reaches 10 pounds. The HS7-1PS automatic slicer also easily switches to manual mode when needed.

Like other Hobart HS Series slicers, the HS6-1PS and HS7-1PS slicers include an exclusive 13-inch CleanCut™ knife that offers zero knife exposure during sharpening and cleaning. This stainless-steel blade with a cobalt alloy edge lasts up to three times longer than carbon steel blades, further increasing efficiency by lessening sharpening frequency. The CleanCut knife provides precise cuts for greater product yield and features a patented removable design for easy and thorough cleaning.

A top-mounted Borazon® sharpening system cleans and hones the knife in a single action, readying it for use within 15 seconds, and is dishwasher safe.

The slicers feature multiple interlocks, including:

  • Close to stop – the slicer turns off when the gauge plate is closed
  • Gauge plate interlock – requires the gauge plate to be closed to remove the carriage and it will not open when removed
  • Carriage system interlock – the carriage will not tilt away and cannot be removed unless the gauge plate is closed
  • No volt release – the slicer must be restarted after it is unplugged or power fails