In early 2023, Leamington-based Pure Flavor is beginning full production from the latest additions to its houses.

Pure Flavor now has 115 acres of lit production year-round, 40 of which were added in 2022, said Chris Veillon, chief marketing officer.

“Consumers are looking for greater consistency in their vegetables, not only in quality, but in year-round availability,” Veillon said. “Consistency of supply is the driver, regardless of the season. Grown in controlled environments, we are able in increased yields, improve flavor and grow a more sustainable product with less of an environmental impact.”

A greater assortment of greenhouse-grown products is also creating more opportunities for retailers, he added. For Pure Flavor, the biggest new product news is in the melon category.

First came the Solara mini-Galia melon in Spring 2022 — the first commercially grown greenhouse-grown melon crop in North America, Veillon said. It was followed up by the Alonna canary melon, launched at the inaugural IFPA show in Orlando in October.

“We’ve been working on melon R&D trials for the last eight years to bring the right types and exclusive varieties to life,” he said.