“The new charcuterie involves convenience as folks get back to their busy lives,” said James Freeny, manager of product development, commercialization and marketing at Fresno, Calif.-based Busseto Foods. “Customers tell us they are looking for a balance between convenience and creativity in 2022. Busseto has listened to our customers and, in 2022, created a Build Your Own Charcuterie Kit.”

Busseto’s charcuterie kit became available in Costco stores in mid-October and will also be available in some supermarket channels, Freeny said.

The kit’s packaging comprises three parts: a storage cover, product tray and serving platter. The ingredients in the product tray are individually wrapped so the consumer can either use everything or just choose a few products to work with and save the rest for another creation. After assembling the charcuterie on the serving platter, the consumer can use the storage cover to keep everything fresh until they are ready to serve.

Ingredients in Busseto’s Build Your Own Charcuterie Kit:

  • Aged Prosciutto
  • Classic Mild Salami Nuggets
  • Spanish Style Chorizo Nuggets
  • Italian Dry Classico Salami
  • Italian Dry Pepper Coated Salami
  • Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds
  • Mike’s Hot Honey
  • Imported Greek Olive Medley
  • Artisan Style Provolone Cheese
  • Artisan Style Sliced Asiago

Busseto has also recently launched California Snackin’ Mini Charcuterie, grab-and-go charcuterie packs that include snack-sized portions of Mild Salami Nuggets, Provolone Cheese Cubes, Milk Chocolate Almonds and Valley Lahvosh Crackers.

Charcuterie snack pack packagingImage courtesy of Busseto Foods.

The Mini Charcuterie packs are available to purchase individually or in packs of four at Sam’s Club, and the product is starting to reach supermarket channels as well.

“Busseto Foods is always pushing innovation through new product offerings,” Freeny said. “We look forward to providing new innovative products in 2023 as well.”