What instore bakery trend are you keeping a close eye on in 2022? We asked four industry leaders.

Raoul Dexters, general manager, Vandemoortele Bakeries USA

Retailers are looking for convenient, easy to execute, freezer-to-oven baking, for which Bake’Up provides an excellent solution. Its space-saving benefits also correspond to the growing industry focus towards sustainability. Over the past two years we have also seen an increased interest in clean label products. As of 2021, 76% of our bakery products are clean label, and we expect that number to continue growing.

Robin Venn, president, Tippin’s Gourmet Pies LLC

Value! With current inflation trends, consumers are desperately seeking value. Fortunately, Tippin’s was prepared and recently unveiled our new private label line of high quality 8-inch pies, along with a 6-inch pie that is portion- and budget-friendly in today’s market. Both of these new product lines offer consumers alternatives that satisfy the need for quality and value.

Elias Lara, senior category manager-bakery, Save Mart

Over the last year, we’ve seen a change in our customer demographics and how they gather and celebrate. While single-serve desserts continue to be a stronghold, we have noticed our shoppers are shifting to larger cake options for their celebrations. We’re exploring unique flavor profiles like guava, mango and passion fruit options as well as continuing to innovate by launching our number cake program.

Paul Baker, founder, St Pierre

Shoppers are heading to the instore bakery for inspiration for ‘special’ meals at home. Whilst they may be feeling the pinch financially, a simple upgrade on their usual bakery items will still prove less expensive than dining out. It’s about delivering ‘perceived’ value. Most shoppers don’t assess value just from the price tag – especially in food purchases. They look at the quality, the authenticity and the versatility of products across different meal occasions.