LEAMINGTON, ONT. – As back-to-school promotions are in full swing, Nature Fresh Farms has launched new grab-and-go snack bags of vegetables for kids called Nature Fresh Farms Snack Supplies.

“We wanted to bring something to market that was a fun, high flavor alternative to traditional sugary snacks, that kids and parents could be excited about,” said Jane Rhyno, vice president of marketing and category development at Nature Fresh Farms.

The 4-ounce snack bags come in three different varieties – Medley Tomatoes, Tiny Cocktail Cucumbers and Mini Sweet Peppers.

The part that kids will love about the Nature Fresh Farms Snack Supplies is that each package comes with three stickers and either a word search, maze or crossword puzzle to play.

“When we were discussing packaging, our team reminisced about the games on the back of cereal boxes and the toys inside them that used to draw us in as kids; we thought these same concepts could work for our Snack Supplies,” Rhyno said.

Nature Fresh Farms was intentional to design packaging that is bright and colorful with school-themed graphics to help kids feel excited about eating vegetables.

“The task of fueling kids with nutritious snacks that aren’t loaded with sugar can be a huge hurdle for parents who are competing with the brightly colored packaging and cartoon characters that line the shelves of retail snack aisles,” Rhyno said. “Nature Fresh Farms Snack Supplies is the solution, giving kids an exciting alternative to traditional sugary snacks.”

In addition to the single-serve snack bags, Nature Fresh Farms is also promoting its 1.5-pound Medley Tomato and Red Grape Tomato packages for parents who want to portion vegetable snacks out a week at a time.