KYIV, UKRAINE — Ukraine exported 1.11 million tonnes of grain in the first 22 days of June, down 44% from the same period in 2021, Reuters reported, citing agriculture ministry data released June 27.

The volumes included 978,000 tonnes of corn, 104,000 tonnes of wheat and 24,000 tonnes of barley, the data showed. Ukraine exported up to 6 million tonnes of grain a month before Russia launched an invasion on Feb. 24. 

Ukraine is among the world’s largest exporters of wheat and corn. Exporters are struggling to get what’s left in storage out of the country because Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea, like the key city of Odessa, are under blockade by Russia.

May export volumes fell to 1.7 million tonnes as Ukraine, which usually exports most of its goods through its Black Sea ports, has been forced to transport grain by train via its western border or via its much smaller Danube River ports. World markets have reacted with fast-rising prices to near record levels, creating food concerns for less-developed, import-dependent countries.