IRVINE, CALIF.  – The California Avocado Commission is extending its successful advertising campaign, “The best avocados have California in them."

This season’s  ads feature visuals that point to the “CA” in the middle of the word “avocados,” and audio and other ads that call out the play on words in their taglines. Consumer media is targeted to avocado shoppers in California and the West who are willing to pay more for premium brands and to avocado “super-users,” “mega-users” and “ultra-users.”

“Consumer research has shown that the campaign is very effective at building awareness for the California avocado season and maintaining brand preference among targeted consumers,” said Jan DeLyser, the commission’s vice president of marketing.

This season’s consumer media began in March and continues through August. Customer-specific programs run throughout the season and will continue as the season winds down. 

Social media and search advertising will continue to run year-round to maintain brand awareness and consumer engagement. Using a creative mix of advertising vehicles, the California avocado media plan will achieve more than 257 million impressions this season.

The California avocado ads are being shown on video streaming via channels such as Hulu and YouTube and services such as Tremor video. Audio advertising on iHeart radio, Spotify and Pandora also features visual components. Digital advertising using services such as GUMGUM reaches CAC’s targeted consumers, as does custom content on providers such as The Kitchn and Food52.

The commission is also utilizing the mobile directions app Waze to direct avocado shoppers to retail store locations on their routes where California avocados are in distribution. 

Outdoor advertising in California from May through July will feature billboards and wallboards in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and San Francisco, and 155 Volta charging stations in high-traffic locations, including some in the parking lots of supermarkets that merchandise California avocados, will remind shoppers on their way in to stores to add the fruit to their shopping carts.

Social media marketing continues on CACs Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube channels, and to reach younger avocado shoppers CAC now has a presence on TikTok. The Commission’s influencer marketing program, which works with influential content creators, recipe developers and dietitians, complements the California avocado creative media plan and social outreach.