TORRANCE, CALIF. — Following the recent refresh of one of its premium apple brands — JAZZ — T&G Global has launched the brand’s first global marketing campaign to drive brand awareness and establish the apple as an ideal snack.  

“The new motto – ‘Is it JAZZ time yet?’- puts the apple at the heart of the snacking occasion, in a conversational and spontaneous way,” said Rebecca Chapman, T&G Global’s head of marketing. “With more people looking for healthier snacking choices, we’re promoting the fact that JAZZ apples fulfill this need. Thanks to their perfect snack-size, tangy-sweet balanced flavors, juicy crunch and source of nutrients, JAZZ is the ideal always refreshing snack. It is always time for JAZZ.” 

The fully integrated campaign includes point of sale, packaging, promotions, out-of-home, print, digital and social media channels to showcase JAZZ™ apple as the ideal snack.  

Last year T&G Global sold 5 million cartons, or approximately 106,000 tons of JAZZ apples internationally. 

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