AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – T&G Global’s JAZZ and Envy apples will be ready for store shelves in June after a successful growing season that yielded a larger crop compared to last year and experienced a smooth growing season. Envy volume is up 35% and JAZZ is up 13%. 

“This year’s New Zealand crop truly is bigger and better than years past,” said Cecilia Flores Paez, head of marketing, North America for T&G.  “Fruit size is trending larger, and brix, pressures and color all are enhanced over last season — and even years prior. The eating experience should be first rate.” 

Vancouver, British Columbia-based Oppy will manage T&G’s full apple basket through the early fall. The company has ad opportunities and POS materials available and is working on integrated-shopper marketing campaigns to drive retail sales. 

“Oppy is particularly excited about the opportunities this season offers. We’ve been marketing New Zealand apples since the 1950s and are now approaching one of the most unique summer markets, historically,” said Karin Gardner, executive director of marketing for Oppy. “We think fresh-crop Envy and JAZZ, more than ever, will deliver on shopper needs due to their high quality and consistency.”