PENROSE, NEW ZEALAND – T&G Global launched its newest campaign for JAZZ apples, Bring On the Snack, to motivate shoppers to look for healthy snacking options like JAZZ apples. 

“Snacking is here to stay, and it’s a habit JAZZ apples want to be part of by providing a healthy option,” said Cecilia Flores Paez, T&G’s head of marketing for North America. “Known for their distinct taste, JAZZ apples are lightly sweet and tangy with a crisp bite. Ideally sized for a snack, and deliciously good for you, JAZZ delivers a satisfying lift every time.” 

In support of the campaign, Today Show regular Chef Joel Gamoran will lead a culinary competition called the JAZZ Snackdown, where he will challenge rival chefs to create unique, nutritious, and tasty snacks featuring JAZZ apples. The social event will be featured on Instagram starting Aug. 13 and continue weekly through Sept. 7. 

The JAZZ Snackdown anchors the integrated Bring On the Snack campaign, which employs digital advertising, YouTube videos, retail social posts, and ads to drive apple fans to the JAZZ apple point of purchase. A dedicated microsite features recipes and snacking occasion ideas.