LAKEWOOD, COLO. - Natural Grocers has moved its nutrition education program online to help customers Be Rooted In Health. The digital program will include a series of guest presenters that will discuss essential building blocks for improved health and wellness.  

Starting Oct. 7, new virtual classes will be available every Wednesday at 6 p.m. MDT on Natural Grocer’s website. Programming scheduled through Dec. 9 includes: 

  • Oct. 7, Save Money and Time While Saving the Environment with Lesly Baesens, food waste recovery program administrator for Denver’s Department of Public Health & Environment. Discover practical tips to save money on grocery bills and learn why reducing food waste helps combat global warming, along with a host of other environmental and economic implications.  

  • Oct. 14, Nourishing Traditional Diets: The Key to Vibrant Health with Sally Fallon Morell, founding president of The Weston A. Price Foundation. Confused about how to eat? The pioneering studies of Dr. Price provide answers to the principles of nourishing traditional diets. Learn about the importance of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and K2, and consuming pastured animal products. Other topics include proper preparation of grains, the health benefits of bone broth and lacto-fermented foods, and the importance of dietary salt. 

  • Oct. 21, Extraordinary Immunity with Amber Lynn Vitale, national educator for Garden of Life. Establish the foundations of immune health while understanding the connection between one’s lifestyle choices and their immune system responses. 

  • Oct. 28, Enhance Your Immunity with a Healthy Gut with Michele Ciancimino, certified holistic health coach, DNA integrative nutrition specialist Did you know that the strength of your immune system depends on the health of your gut? Learn about the connection between your immune and digestive systems and discover simple and effective strategies to boost your immunity by enhancing your digestion. 

  • Nov. 4, The Importance of Nutrition Density with Mickey Trescott. What is a “nutrivore” and why should you eat like one? Trescott will share an overview of how to implement a nutrient-dense approach to the Autoimmune Protocol, which can accelerate and expand the healing process. 

  • Nov. 11, Winterize Your Body with Barbara Swanson, nutritional consultant and author. The world is in flux right now and you need to be on the top of your game for the winter season. This short presentation will provide tips and tools, with simple nutritional and lifestyle hacks, to keep yourself as healthy as possible. 

  • Nov. 18, The Three Types of Hunger with Sara Lewis, nutrition health coach, baker and cake artist. Do you listen to your hunger? Do you know that hunger has a lot to say to you and your body? Learn how to listen and identify the most common types of hunger and how to answer it at the right moment, with the right answer. 

  • Dec. 2, Making Space for Wellness with Christen Scofield, certified health and life coach. Learn how to make space in your life for wellness, so that your new lifestyle is sustainable and enjoyable in the long-term. We’ll talk about clearing a path for success both physically and mentally, setting wellness goals that stick, and how to look forward to a healthier lifestyle.  

  • Dec. 9, Healthy Bones, Healthy You! with Carina Toledo, nutrition educator with New Chapter, certified nutrition counselor, master herbalist. Explore how different forms of calcium affect how well you can use this essential mineral. Join New Chapter in a discussion about the importance of bone health, the role of calcium, and some surprising risks of supplementation. 

Customers can also schedule free, personalized nutritional health coaching sessions via a one-hour phone call or video-coaching session. Customers will just have to fill out a form to request their coaching session and receive personalized care tailored to their individual needs, as well as a collaborative plan for success. 

“We are so proud of our Nutrition Education department and the role our NHCs play in helping our customers achieve their health goals,” said Heather Isely, executive vice president of Natural Grocers. “Although we knew it was absolutely the right things to do, we were disappointed that we had to pause our in-person classes and coaching sessions at the beginning of the pandemic. While we look forward to offering these services in person when it’s deemed safe to do so, our new virtual program allows us to offer the same level of nutrition expertise to help our community members navigate their personal health journeys.”