Even though more people are increasingly adding plant-based meat alternatives into their diets, meat consumption worldwide in the U.S. is still expected to increase per year through 2023. 

According to the Global Meat & Poultry report recently released by Packaged Facts, worldwide meat consumption is expected to increase 1.4% per year through 2023, while consumption in the U.S. is expected to increase less than 1% per year through 2023. 

The report found that in the U.S. poultry is expected to remain the most type of consumed meat due to its low cost. Beef consumption, however, is expected to decrease due to U.S. consumers increasingly selecting other protein sources due to health concerns associated with high levels of red meat consumption. But the U.S. is expected to continue as a global leader in beef production and anticipated to account for a large share of worldwide consumption. 

The full report analyzes the current and predicted global market and trends for meat and poultry products, and breaks figures out for 15 countries. The full Global Meat & Poultry Trends report can be accessed here.