Forty percent of consumers say they plan to increase their consumption of organic foods in 2019, according to a new survey.

Organic produce grower-shipper Earthbound Farm’s annual Organic & Other Lifestyle Choices survey also found that people with kids at home are more likely than those without kids to buy organic (52% vs 41%).

“Organic should and can be for everyone,” says Deverl Maserang, president and CEO of Earthbound Farm. “We’re thrilled that these results show a growing and diverse community of people who choose organic fairly frequently.”

Meal occasions for organic show variance in prioritization. Seventy-one percent of household shoppers with children in the home say it would be somewhat or very important to them to feed their child’s classmates or teammates an organic snack if they were on snack duty. But only 52% of house shoppers say it would be important to them to include organic food at a dinner party.

The survey also found that:

·         Millennials, Gen Z and Gen X are more likely than boomers to choose organic (upwards of 50% for the younger gens, and only 30% for boomers).

·         Millennials/Gen Z are the most likely to say they purchase organic food “all the time” (20% for Millennials/Gen Z vs 8% for Gen X and 7% for boomers).

·         Fresh fruits and vegetables are the most commonly purchased organic product category (84% saying they purchase), followed by fresh eggs (56%), fresh dairy (55%) and fresh meat (54%).