Envy apples topped several other branded apple varieties in recent tests.

Envys ranked No. 1 for flavor, texture, aroma and appearance, after being tested against category stalwarts like Honeycrisp, Fuji and Gala; and, newcomers, like Cosmic Crisp, according to a study of 142 participants by Forward Insight & Strategy.

When it came to flavor, respondents preferred apples with balanced sweetness, which was a leading attribute for Envy.

Regarding texture, Envy emerged as the most crisp, firm and juicy, in addition to participants favoring the size, shape and interior flesh appearance, which naturally stays whiter longer.

“We’ve always known Envy is one of the best experiential apples, particularly its beautifully balanced sweetness,” says Gareth Edgecombe, CEO of Auckland, New Zealand-based T&G Global, owner of the Envy brand. “This research independently substantiates our beliefs, and we’re thrilled consumers view Envy™ as ‘the ideal eating experience.’ We are seeing strong interest from retailers, in partnering with us at the shelf, to bring this exceptional apple to their shoppers year-round.”