LOS ANGELES – Envy apples have been in the TV spotlight recently.

A recent episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on CBS-TV kicked off with host Corden noticing head writer and frequent banter partner Ian Karmel munching on an apple just off the stage.

Distracted by seeing him eat, Corden asks Karmel why he decided to bite into an apple just as they were starting their live show. Karmel responds that it’s an Envy apple, and he’s eating it to calm his nerves, plus he was hungry. 

“It’s a good-a%# apple,” Karmel says between bites. “You ever had an Envy apple?” 

Corden laughs and responds, “This is the third time in the last month you’ve said to me, ‘have you ever had an Envy apple?’”

Karmel responds, “There are a lot of lousy apples out there, but Envy is in my opinion the king of the apples. You’re my friend and I want to make sure you know about it.”

Meanwhile, on daytime TV, “Jeopardy” featured Envy as one of the most valuable clues in an episode. The $800 clue in the “Nosh” category, which host Mayim Bialik read aloud, was: “A quick and healthy nosh could be an Envy or the really cool-named Northern Spy, types of this fruit.” 

Envy was also featured in a UK trivia show called “The Chase.” In a rapid-fire challenge to answer as many clues as possible in under 2 minutes, the contestant answered correctly when asked: “Envy is a New Zealand variety of what fruit?”

“We’ve been so excited, and enjoyed a few good laughs, watching Envy  earn such widespread pop culture coverage in recent days,” said Cecilia Flores Paez, T&G Global head of marketing for North America. “It’s also very validating. Envy is an apple with a lot of momentum in the marketplace, and as we see its global appeal continue to grow it has been affirming to see Envy™ pop up into so many cultural conversations.”

Envy is marketed in the United States by Oppy, CMI Orchards, and Rainier Fruit Co.