The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association’s education director, Angela Bozo, is now a Certified Cheese Professional.

Bozo was one of 122 industry members to pass the 8th American Cheese Society (ACS) Certified Cheese Professional Exam, held July 31 in Richmond, Virginia.

“The entire Education Department is thrilled for Angela,” says Jeremy Johnson, IDDBA’s vice president of education. “Joining the esteemed ranks of Certified Cheese Professionals is a tremendous achievement and further enhances the IDDBA Education Department’s knowledge base, enabling us to serve as an even more valuable resource to our members, association programs, and the industry.”

The ACS exam is the first and only exam of its kind. Based on the knowledge and skills required to successfully perform cheese-related tasks in jobs across the industry, it was established by the American Cheese Society to encourage high standards of comprehensive cheese knowledge and service for professionals in all areas of the industry.

Testing encompasses a broad range of topics including raw ingredients, the cheesemaking process, storing, and handling cheese, selecting distributors, marketing and communicating about cheese, nutrition, and regulations and sanitation.