Organic 2.0

Organic is no longer the gold standard in packaged food and beverage, according to The Detox Project, which this year launched the Glyphosate Residue Free certification seal. The active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, glyphosate was declared a potential human carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Among brands adopting the designation is Chosen Foods, which makes avocado oil and spreads.

“We got a couple of pitches from companies touting that they’re now testing their ingredients for glyphosate in addition to some of the organic certifications they already have, so we are going to be watching to see if that’s something more brands are going to start doing,” Ms. Pogorelc said.


Biodynamic has become a new buzzword in natural and organic product launches. Products with a biodynamic claim contain ingredients that use regenerative agriculture, restoring vitality to the farm while delivering a “superior taste experience,” Ms. Mast said. The term has moved from the wine industry to chocolate, grain-based foods and sweeteners.

A new brand launching at Expo East is White Leaf Provisions, which makes a biodynamic apple and pear sauce.

“It’s very small, it’s emerging, but there is a growing number of brands that are obviously looking for biodynamic supply, and they believe that is the way they can stand out in a crowded marketplace with a certification and a standard that goes even beyond what the organic standard represents,” Ms. Mast said.