A round of shots

Better-for-you meets bottoms up. A growing number of brands are offering wellness shots, which may be gulped on the go and boast a host of health benefits.

WildBrine, a maker of fermented foods, offers a range of Probiotic Kimchi Live Shots in spicy Korean, zesty Thai and citrusy Japanese flavors. Another probiotic-rich pick-me-up, Farmhouse Culture Organic Gut Shots feature flavors such as smoked jalapeño, ginger beet, garlic dill pickle and classic caraway. From BAO Food and Drink, Cultured Liquid Pickle Boosts deliver a caffeine lift from organic green tea, plus other functional ingredients, including organic turmeric, dandelion root, chlorella, spirulina and beets.


Saratoga Juice Bar offers a line of single-serve, cold-pressed juice shots, including Wheatgrass Tropic, Hot Beets and Turmeric Blast varieties, which claim to boost immunity, metabolism and digestion. From Thirty-Two Degrees comes a line of 2-oz coconut water kefir shots in such flavors as lime, blueberry pomegranate and mango pineapple.


Vermont Village is introducing a line of organic apple cider vinegar shots, sweetened with honey and packaged in portable pouches. Flavors include blueberry, cranberry, ginger and turmeric. There is also an unsweetened, unflavored double shot available for the potable purist.