SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Axiom Cloud is hosting a webinar titled "Former Refrigeration Techs Discuss AI: Becoming Predictive is No Longer a Pipe Dream” on May 7 at 12 p.m. EST.

The company’s technology uses AI and automation to monitor refrigerant leaks for grocery retailers and cold storage facilities.

“Moving from reactive to predictive refrigeration management is now possible, thanks to AI,” Axiom Cloud said. “Join us for a conversation with refrigeration leaders (former service technicians) to learn how.”

The webinar will feature Axiom Cloud’s CEO Amrit Robbins and former technicians Robert Eidson (CoolSys), Pete Cuneo (SEER2) and Dustin Tillery (Axiom Cloud).

The panelists will share examples of how AI can be used to enhance refrigeration maintenance, improve energy efficiency and detect leaks more effectively.

"With AI, we're witnessing a shift in the refrigeration industry," Robbins said. "This webinar will shed light on the practical applications of AI in our industry and show real-world examples of how many grocery chains are already using AI to deliver business value today."

Grocery retailers and cold storage companies interested in the webinar can register here.