RICHMOND, CALIF. – Clima-Tech Refrigeration & HVAC has been announced as the official reseller and installer of the Axiom Cloud platform. The refrigeration technology will be installed at over 200 retailers in the next few years.  

Axiom Cloud applies artificial intelligence to central refrigeration systems to optimize performance, lower energy bills and prevent unplanned downtime.  

"We will resell, install and commission the Axiom Cloud as a stand-alone product for grocery stores across our footprint whether or not we provide these stores with other maintenance services,” said Ramez Naguib, CEO of Clima-Tech. “Almost every grocery store can benefit from this technology whether they handle their maintenance inhouse or through maintenance contractors." 

The platform can be installed in a retail store in a single day and customers can subscribe to two automated services through Axiom Cloud:  

  • Virtual Technician: The Axiom Cloud leverages AI and machine learning to predict equipment failures before they occur and autonomously improve system energy efficiency and performance over time. 

  • Virtual Battery: The Axiom Cloud transforms frozen inventory into a thermal battery, thus providing the same benefits as an intelligent electrochemical battery (demand charge management, demand response, etc.) without the expensive hardware.