Blue cheese lovers rejoice! A modern new look for the Treasure Cave brand has captured the attention of retailers and consumers alike, as elevated packaging hit deli cases this summer.

The Treasure Cave brand has a long and rich history as the first commercially produced blue cheese brand in the United States. In 1935, caves in Faribault, Minnesota, were renovated, turning them into a cheese-making facility. The caves provided the right temperature and environment to produce authentic, cave-aged cheeses. Born in caves, today Treasure Cave cheeses are made in a state-of-the-art facility in Almena, Wisconsin, with curing cells that ensure the brand’s blue and gorgonzola cheeses continue to delight consumers after all these years.

Treasure Cave cheese containerSource: Saputo Dairy

The revamped packaging includes a new logo that leans into the brand’s cave-aged heritage, visually telling this story to consumers. With another subtle nod to its history and place of origin, the new packaging incorporates the shape of the state of Wisconsin as the mouth of the Treasure Cave on-pack and features larger windows to allow for better product visibility. Additionally, more prevalent flavor and age claims aim to entice both blue cheese lovers and the blue-curious consumer at shelf.

To coincide with the packaging refresh, the brand launched a new campaign inviting consumers to explore their blue cheese flavor and cave origins with the notion that "You Might Love It Here." The brand campaign features a series of ads that bring a mystical treasure cave to life, with characters as bold and flavorful as blue cheese itself.

cheese containers inside a caveSource: Saputo Dairy

To connect with their curious, ever-exploring, blue cheese loving audience, the Treasure Cave brand videos will run in key markets through premium video, programmatic video, and social environments that complement the irreverent tone of the creative and deliver that funk. You can enjoy all the memorable ad spots here.