Veal is among the high-end meats showing up in more and more retail grocery meat cases. According to Tastewise data cited by Frans van Dongen, director of international affairs for the Dutch Meat Industry Association, veal marsala mentions on social media have grown by 18.3% in 2023. “We are excited to see veal gaining popularity,” van Dongen said. “Veal is a versatile protein that offers an elevated eating experience.”

Veal is still in the “adoption” stage in the US, van Dongen added. Famous for its delicate taste and texture, he said, it’s a great fit for adventurous home cooks who’ve spent the last few years honing their skills in the kitchen.

Retailers can capture curious consumers by cross-merchandising ingredients for veal entrees like Cotoletta alla Bolognese, van Dongen said. “We’re helping retailers educate consumers on how they can create a unique and elevated eating experience with the same high-quality product while cooking at home.”

European veal exporters are also hoping their brand story is one that will appeal to American consumers. Calves marketed under the Trusted Veal from Europe brand are fed a diet of milk and multigrain fodder, raised humanely in sustainable environments and can be traced to their farms of origin. 

This article is an excerpt from the November 2023 issue of Supermarket Perimeter. You can read the entire Premium Cuts feature and more in the digital edition here.