Milwaukee-based Saputo USA has revamped its Treasure Cave blue cheese packaging and branding and has been promoting the new brand to consumers through a marketing campaign with the tagline “You Might Love It Here.”

The company released a series of video ads that highlight the bold, unique flavor of blue cheese with a group of zany characters in a cave, representing where the cheese is aged.

“Let’s be real — blue cheese has historically fallen into the ‘topics to avoid at family dinner’ category, as its many unique qualities can make it a polarizing cheese choice,” said Jenny Englert, Saputo USA marketing director. “But as a brand, Treasure Cave is all about celebrating this intriguing tension and is inviting everyone to embrace the bold and funky flavors blue cheese brings. And this campaign delivers on that.”

The characters in the campaign’s video ads might appeal to younger consumers who are fans of quirky humor and characters like the new Wednesday Addams, portrayed by Jenna Ortega.

In the ads, the characters — some hanging from the ceiling of the cave like bats — gather around a piano to sing a song about Treasure Cave cheese to the tune of “Annie Lisle,” a popular alma mater melody. The Treasure Cave song lyrics include some pop culture phrases in lines like, “Our cheese is super-dank,” and, “It seems like that would not make sense, but we don’t make the rules.”

The collection of ads can be viewed on the Treasure Cave Cheese YouTube channel.

As for the cheese’s packaging, Saputo redesigned it with larger windows so consumers can see more of the product from the outside. The updated logo represents the heritage of the brand, and words like “savory,” “creamy,” “tangy,” and “cave-aged” are featured prominently. The shape of Wisconsin is also on the packaging to highlight where the cheese is made.

Treasure Cave products in the new packaging hit grocery retail shelves in August.

This article is an excerpt from the October 2023 issue of Supermarket Perimeter. You can read the entire Domestic Specialty Cheese feature and more in the digital edition here.