Irving, Texas-based Avocados From Mexico recently shared that it broke another record in its 2022-2023 fiscal year, importing 2.48 billion pounds of avocados.

Along with the teamwork from the brand’s parent companies, growers, packers, and importers, Avocados From Mexico attributes its success to strategic marketing campaigns, creative shopper partnerships and seasonal programs, and limited-time offers in foodservice designed to encourage demand.

“The record-breaking volume we’re seeing indicates that the work we’re doing to drive demand across consumer, retail and foodservice is working,” said Alvaro Luque, president and CEO of Avocados From Mexico. “The Avocados From Mexico team is committed to building on this momentum and we are confident that we will continue to increase avocado demand in the US with a strong promotional plan this year.”

The next big thing for Avocados From Mexico is co-branded price look-up (PLU) stickers for bulk avocados.

The PLU stickers have the Avocados From Mexico logo so consumers can easily identify the Mexican avocados. The background of the sticker is Avocados From Mexico’s PANTONE color, which reflects the shade of the inside of a perfectly ripe avocado.

“Retailers rely on brands to create eye-catching PLU stickers to help shoppers decide which bulk items to purchase,” said Stephanie Bazan, senior vice president of commercial strategy and execution for Avocados From Mexico. “Our research shows that when consumers see Avocados From Mexico branding, it’s an indication of high quality and positively influences purchase intent. This new program will allow us to collaborate with distributors to use the power of our brand to reinforce and distinguish Mexican avocados at the point of sale.”