FORT WORTH, TEXAS — Hardcore Carnivore, a producer of meat and poultry seasonings and rubs, partnered with Fort Worth, Texas-based Standard Meat Co. to create an exclusive line of hardwood smoked sausages for Texas retail grocery chain H-E-B.

The sausage line includes four flavor varieties: Tex Mex, Beef (with beef brisket), Jalapeño Cheddar and Prime Rib (with beef prime rib).

Hardcore Carnivore said the new brand of premium sausages are certified GO TEXAN by the Texas Department of Agriculture. They feature gluten-free ingredients, natural casings and a real hardwood smoked finish.

When H-E-B approached Hardcore Carnivore Founder Jess Pryles with the proposition to develop a line of sausages, Pryles chose Standard Meat as the meat processor to partner with.

"It was the Standard Meat willingness to support innovation and really work with us that helped get the project off the ground," Pryles said. "When I said that we need to use real hardwood smoke, they figured out a way to do that.”

“Helping Jess achieve her culinary vision for these heritage-inspired sausages was a dream project for us,” said Ashli Rosenthal Blumenfeld, co-president of Standard Meat. “At Standard Meat, we understand tradition. My great-grandfather Ben Rosenthal started this company in 1935, and we're still family-owned and operated. We honor our heritage today the same way he did back then — by seeking out creative, innovative solutions for each customer's unique needs.”

After two years of testing flavor combinations and recipes, Hardcore Carnivore released its line of proudly made-in-Texas sausages in late July. The sausages are currently available exclusively at Texas H-E-B locations.