ALAMEDA, CALIF. — The Sheboygan Falls, Wis.-based sausage company Johnsonville LLC has partnered with Jitterbit to modernize its technology, increase automation and improve efficiency across the company.

The nearly 80-year-old company is committed to investing in automation, accelerating the pace of its digital transformation goals. Through Jitterbit’s Harmony, a cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS) and workflow automation system, Johnsonville will further automate its “retire to hire” processes, its manufacturing process and its planning processes.

“As one of the longest-standing sausage brands in the country, we were ready to evolve our technology infrastructure, leveraging the data integration provided by a complete iPaaS platform to boost efficiency and ROI,” said Paul Townsend, IT director of solution delivery and support at Johnsonville. “After careful consideration, we chose to work with Jitterbit. The Harmony platform’s capabilities, coupled with the smart, professional culture of the Jitterbit team, made for the right recipe to achieve our digital transformation objectives.”

More specifically, the Harmony platform will enable Johnsonville to achieve real-time process execution, connecting data and insights with the manufacturing floor. Harmony will have access to Johnsonville’s recipe management system so that each facility can be optimized for the highest quality and greatest efficiency possible. Additionally, the system eliminates the need for manual on-site management, meaning Johnsonville can cut back on labor costs.

“Digital transformation is a complicated journey for every company, especially those encumbered with legacy technology and disconnected systems,” said George Gallegos, chief executive officer at Jitterbit. “That’s what makes an effective iPaaS solution so valuable — it not only speeds up transformation, it simplifies it as well. We are thrilled to be working with Johnsonville in its new digital strategy initiative, working together to integrate siloed data, eliminate manual processes and optimize operations to drive long-term success.”