Cybake bakery software has announced that it is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week. The York, UK-based firm was founded by tech entrepreneur Jane Tyler in 1998, originally as RedBlack Software.

In June 1998, RedBlack Software shipped its first copies of Cybake, which was designed to help bakeries manage their businesses, to new customers. Slowly but surely, its popularity amongst British and then Irish bakeries rose over the years. In 2018, RedBlack Software released a completely new cloud-based version of Cybake which paved the way for international expansion.

In 2020, the company opened an office in Philadelphia in the United States. In 2021 RedBlack Software changed its name to Cybake in order to reflect the success of its flagship offering, and, in 2022, it opened an office in Melbourne, Australia.

Cybake quickly gained traction amongst commercial bakers in both countries and now the software is used by just shy of 300 bakeries around the world.

The company employs around 40 people, the majority of which enjoyed a quarter century party in York earlier this week. This included the cutting of an especially commissioned cake emblazoned with the “25 years of Cybake” logo the business has adopted across its social media channels to mark the occasion.

“Of the last twenty-five years, the last five have probably been the most significant. We do all our software development in-house and our team built up a huge amount of bakery-specific knowledge over the years,” says Jane Tyler, founder and managing director of Cybake.

“The cloud version of Cybake allowed that expertise to shine though to its fullest, with results that speak for themselves. We have doubled our customer base since its launch, and we will announce Cybake’s availability in new countries very soon,” she continues. “None of this would be possible, though, without our customers’ faith, investment and enthusiasm over the past 25 years. My biggest wish is that Cybake continues to repay that faith for many decades to come.”