ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. — The American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP) introduced the Al Pfannenstein Seasoning Library, where members can access a library of meat recipes as a resource for new product development.

Recipes are organized by product type, such as hot dog, bologna, smoked sausage, bacon cure, ham cure and more. The first category included in the library is hot dogs, with a mild recipe recommended to be popular with kids, a “Secret Kick” recipe for those looking for a little more spice and a Coney Island-style hot dog.

Retired meat scientist Bruce Armstrong curated the Al Pfannenstein Seasoning Library. Armstrong began his over 50-year-long career at Lumberjack Meats in 1972 and later worked at Kerry, Saratoga Food Specialties and LifeSpice Ingredients.

“As a processor, you may want to develop a new or different sausage,” Armstrong said. “Where do you start? You start with AAMP’s library of sausage seasonings. These seasoning formulas give you a simple starting point.”

The library garners its name from Al Pfannenstein, former owner and operator of St. Joseph Meat Market, St. Joseph, Minn., and collaborator with Armstrong. An active member of the Minnesota Association of Meat Processors, Pfannenstein was known to give special attention to his seasoning, casing and packaging salespeople, who he believed knew why a sausage would be successful or not.

Armstrong plans to add to the library but hopes the recipes will be a community-driven effort, where processors can find a new recipe and share one of their own. Credit for shared recipes will be given to contributors.