Plantible Foods has formulated a functional ingredient called Rubi Whisk.

The ingredient may be used by commercial producers of bread, donuts, cookies, cakes, pastries, and pastas to replace eggs.

To formulate the ingredient, the company extracts RuBisCO protein from a Lemna plant, also known as duckweed, according to the company. The company then develops the Rubi protein RuBisCO into a powder, which is neutral in taste, odor and color, the company said. The ingredients properties may mimic and replace animal proteins, according to the company.

“For too long, consumers have had to make trade-offs when choosing plant-based or gluten-free foods, compromising on taste and texture and often settling for less delicious and nutritious products,” said Tony Martens Fekini, co-founder and chief executive officer of Plantible Foods. “This is especially true in the baking ingredients and CPG categories, where baked goods that are free from eggs and gluten are often dry, crumbly, and overall less enjoyable to eat."

Rubi Whisk may provide several benefits for baking applications such as offering fat-binding and oil-holding capacity, high-foaming capacity and stability, high solubility, and emulsification.